First class solar radiation sensor

The FAR600BBA sensor measures continuously the solar energy that is received from the whole hemisphere above the horizontal plane where the sensing element is placed (180 degrees field of view).

The instrument complies with ISO 9060 First Class Pyranometer and the WMO publication “Guide to meteorological Instruments and Methods of Observation'”, 5th edition (1983).

The sensing element of the sensor is made up of Ni-Cr thermocouples, placed evenly under symmetric white and black elements. They respond differently to solar radiation from a thermal point of view and they generate a voltage proportional to radiation itself.

The transducer is fixed to a metallic support and protected from weather by a quartz glass dome, with high spectral permeability and so transparent to all the wavelengths of the measuring range.

Sensor body is white painted to reflect the incident radiation not affecting directly the transducer to reduce external influences.At the bottom end the connector for signal cable is mounted. It's a push pull self latching connector providing security against pull on the cable.

For the levelling on the horizontal plane the sensor has a special support with bubble level and adjusting screws. A cartridge with desiccant salts protects the inner part of the sensor from condensing humidity.

Pdf Solar radiation sensor

ISO 9001
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