For more than 30 years, MTX is engaged in the development, the production and the maintenance of sensors, data acquisition systems and software applications for meteorological monitoring activities.

The Company produces a wide range of high quality sensors for the measuring of meteorological parameters and a large number of data acquisition systems which can satisfy every kind of need.

Some important characteristics of the products and systems realized by MTX:

  • use of first class materials in order to guarantee high level performances in line with the actual state of the art;
  • integration of professional system elements with the objective to ensure practicality, ease of use and maintainability;
  • excellent resistance against mechanical stress and corrosive actions under the most extreme environmental conditions;
  • equipment designed and built to operate continuously, 24 hours, 7 days a week, ensuring MTBF and MTTR values such as to guarantee a system availability of at least 90%.

Besides its own production, MTX has distribution agreements and stable relationships with manufactures in order to meet customers’ needs in the field of environmental monitoring.

The realisation of a considerable number of systems has placed the Company amongst the major operators within the Italian market for agro-meteorological and hydrological monitoring.

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