WST8008 16 channels

The acquisition systems of the 8008 series do measure, elaborate and store environmental data (hydrometeorological, agrometeorological, air quality and water quality).

The WST8008 station can acquire and store data in a RAM memory (and in an optional memory card) and display data on a LCD screen. It can be part of a monitoring network connected to a central data acquisition system (PC) in several ways: radio, GSM, GPRS, or telephone line.

The configuration of the station, can be done through the control panel with 4 buttons and the LCD display or from remote by using the serial port connection.

An interesting function of the datalogger is its flexible storing feature. It allows the user to set particular alarm conditions for each single input channel. For example, it's possible to increase automatically the sampling and the storage frequency for a sensor in case of starting rainfall.

Moreover, it's possible to set “alarm conditions”, related to threshold values, with the possibility to send SMS.

Installation and configuration of automatic station WST8008: The OEM module is composed of a set of electronic boards housed in an anodized aluminium section bar. The case has fixing clips for standard DIN bar mounting.

For outdoor use, MTX offers a rugged box solution with a safety lock. Standard version is made up of fibreglass material; it's also available a stainless steel box or a cast aluminium box. Inside the box will also be housed the power supply system (12V batteries and voltage regulator) and the data transmission system (if present).

The use of CMOS components and particular firmware techniques guarantees to reduce power consumption. The station can be powered by a solar panel system and back up batteries for power supply during the night or in days with less sunshine.

The station is designed to work correctly in the most severe conditions both environmental and electromagnetic.

The grounding system is realized using an external bolt that must be wired to the ground plate.

Power supply: The station is powered by one or more 12V batteries, that guarantee the needed operating autonomy.

The batteries are connected to a charge regulator. It regulates the power voltage supplied by solar panels or by main power supply (220/110 Vac) through an insulation transformer.

The regulator is designed to work with DC or AC voltages.

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