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The data logger PCTDA0xx is based on the Atmel ARM9 microcontroller. An excellent combination of system features makes it very useful for standalone applications: power supply, a charger for a built-in Li-Ion battery, low power modes, analogue inputs, digital I/O and serial communication interfaces.

With a nominal power voltage of 12Vdc (dc power range 7-50V), the data logger can be easily connected to solar panel supply systems. The power supply can be backed-up by a built-in Li-Ion battery and the charger will insure that the battery is fully charged.

The hardware/firmware architecture is designed to minimize power consumption through an opportune standby system. This makes the data logger a very powerful tool, ideal for the installation in remote applications.

It has 16 isolated analogue inputs (±10V, 0-2V or 0-20mA), enabling data acquisition with a resolution up to 24 bit, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs (all opto-isolated) which allow the user to control auxiliary equipment. Moreover, the system is equipped with 5 current outputs for the acquisition of the signals coming from PT100 sensors. Input sample rates can be configured via software.

The data logger comes with a Linux OS installed. Data can be stored in an internal RAM, Flash or on a Micro SD card. The system has a web interface for configuration and data retrieval, accessible through Ethernet or through GPRS. Data can automatically be sent also to different FTP server.

For communication with other devices are available a RS232 port and an RS485 interface. Moreover, an Ethernet port is supplied together with 3 USB ports.

The data logger withstands extended temperatures, shock and vibration of mobile equipment.

The system can be integrated with a keyboard–display which shows currently measured values, status signals or diagnostic information.

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