EDI Light (Environmental Data Interface Light)

EDI is a software suite, entirely developed by MTX, for the management of automatic weather stations and contains an interface in which all commands are clear and simple.

Through a set of essential functions, EDI is the perfect solution for those users who want to download and view the stored data.

In addition to the communication over the RS232 port, through which data acquisition can be done directly, by radio or by GPRS, in this Project a TCP/IP protocol will be used. The direct connection with the weather station can be realized by the configuration of the IP address of the datalogger.

In EDI one can create and configure weather stations by the use of step by step tools, configure and modify the sensor parameters and the communication devices. Once created, data queries can be executed from the user panel for checking sensor parameters and downloading the stored data.

The architecture of EDI is based on a Client / Server solution. It is equipped with simple guided configuration tools in order to limit human input errors.

To view the downloaded data, the required period can be selected and with a simple click the data will be presented.

The EDI software contains the following functions:

  • interface with the remote acquisition systems;
  • management and scheduling of the data acquisition from the automatic weather stations;
  • data processing and storage on Microsoft SQL database;
  • export of the stored data in the common exchange formats;
  • Help on line;
  • Configuration, administration and display of alarm condi-tions;
  • Numerical and graphical representation of the meteoro-logical data with dedicated elaborations for wind parame-ters.

An important feature of EDI is the export function for the trans-fer of the stored data in the common exchange for-mats (example: Excel or HTML) making them available to other sys-tems.

Moreover, automatic export files can be created in ASCII in or-der to permit further processing outside EDI of the data stored by the weather station.

For the management of communication via GPRS between the weather stations and the control centre, MTX has integrated a software module named “EDI - Link Receiver”. For this feature a PC with a fixed IP ad-dress is needed.

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