Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor

The probes PCTUM012 (two electrodes) and PCTUM013 (three electrodes) measure the soil volumetric water content by using a capacitive measurement principle which allows fast measurements in the field and with minimal invasiveness.

The three-electrode probe is particularly suitable for the measurenment in small volumes, for example for cultivations in pots.

The circuit board is protected inside a housing made of plastic material and sealed with epoxy resin which allows achieving reliable measurements even in harsh environmental conditions.

The probes are factory-calibrated and do not require any further calibration by the end user. They are equipped with a fixed cable, 5 or 10m standard lenght, with open wires at the end.

The version with analog output has two 0,5 ...3V standard voltage outputs: one for the volumetric water content and one for the temperature. On request, 0...2,5V, 0...5V or 0...10V outputs can be delivered.

Volumetric Water Content

The moist soil is composed of a solid part (minerals), a liquid part (generally water) and a gaseous part (air, water vapor).

The Vlumetric Water Content (VWC) is defined as the ratio between the volume occupied by the water (Vw) in a certain portion of the soil and the total volume of the soil portion (V) : VWC = Vw / V.

It can also be expressed as a percentage (% VWC) of the water volume in the total volume.

The volumetric water content is a parameter used in hydrology for the study of the hydraulic properties of the soil, and in agriculture to determine the need to irrigate crops.

The sensor has an IP67 protection degree.

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