Contact-free velocity sensor for open channels and rivers

The flow velocity sensor PCTSV001 has been designed for contact-free measurements of the surface flow velocity of rivers and channels. The sensor is mounted above the channel, there it radiates the radar signal inclined about 60° to the water surface. The reflected radar signals from the water surface are received, analyzed and converted into the average surface velocity.

The measurement of the flow velocity is based on the principle of the Doppler frequency shift. Due to the comparison of the radiated frequency and the reflected frequency from the water surface, the local flow velocity is determined.

The choise of the measurement location determines the quality of a measurement. By simply mounting the sensor on bridges, ceilings of closed channels or any superstructures of the channel, now locations can be selected that were previously difficult to achieve.

The most important criterias are the quality of the measuring point of the profile, the water surface and the flow conditions. The stability of the profile is the determining factor in order to ensure a constant measurement. The water surface must neither be completely smooth nor extremely upset, but there should be a visible swell of the water surface. Stones, swirls, steps are standing waves should not be within the measuring area. Depending on the condition of the water surface, the maximum mounting height above the water surface is 130 m, but a minimum distance of 0,5 m should be maintained.

Due to the concact-free measurement the measurement setup is not threatened by sediments and floating refuse in tha water. This results in a very low maintenance operation and an increased reliability especially on floodwater.

The sensor impresses with its low power consumption and its high realibility. There by it enables the permanent reacording of the flow velocity. Setting and configuration of the PCTSV001 can be easily and conveniently done on your PC or laptop via standard terminal programs.

Pdf Contact-free velocity sensor for open channels and rivers

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