Ultrasonic level sensor with housing

The level sensor FAR990CA, using the ultrasonic measuring principle, records the time required for the sound wave to travel to the liquid surface and return.

As the pulse propagation speed is highly influenced by air density and so by tem- perature, the measurement is automatically compensated using the temperature value acquired locally by an integrated sensor.

The sensor is housed inside a glass reinforced Nylon enclosure with protection grade IP66/67; it is then installed inside a white aluminium shield to prevent direct solar irradiation and to provide at the same time a correct ventilation.

The sensor uses a non-contact method of detecting level of water and it's characterized by the absence of moving mechanical parts. This way the ultrasonic system is virtually maintenance free.

The transducer uses a 2 wires connection for power supply and for the 4-20mA analog ouput signal proportional to level measurement. This transducer is suggested normally for distances lower than 15m.

The sensor doesn't require special installation. Generally it's placed on a mounting arm (optional) to move the sensor away from obstacles causing wrong measurements.

The configuration is made using the buttons and the display of the sensor, to adjust its performances to the site specific characteristics.

Pdf  Ultrasonic level sensor

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