Multiparametric sensor

The sensor belongs to a family of multiparameter systems, with digital interface, for the measurement of multi parametric environmental values. The sensor integrates the following measurements into one instrument:

Air temperature;

Relative humidity;

Barometric pressure;

Wind direction;

Wind speed;

Solar radiation.

RS232, RS485, RS422 and SDI-12 serial interfaces are available with NMEA, MODBUS-RTU and SDI-12 communication protocols. The MODBUS-RTU output allows the creation of instrument networking. All versions have two analogical outputs, both for wind speed and for direction, factory configurable in 4...20mA (standard) or 0...1V, 0...5V, 0...10V (to be specified in order).

The absence of moving parts minimizes maintenance operations. The instrument has a high sensitivity for the detection of very low speeds, which are not detectable by traditional methods.

The low power consumption of the instrument allows installation in remote sites with power supply from solar panel and back-up battery. Installation operations are fast and easy; all models are equipped with a compass to facilitate alignment.

Air temperature is measured by a pt100 element, while relative humidity is measured by means of a capacitive sensor.  In order to keep the effects of external influences (e.g. solar radiation) as low as possible, these sensors are located in a ventilated housing with radiation protection. This allows significantly more accurate measurement during high radiation conditions.

Barometric pressure is measured by way of a piezoresistive sensor.

The wind meter uses 2 axes ultrasonic static anemometers to measure wind speed and direction, U-V cartesian components of wind speed.

The heating option prevents the accumulation of snow the forming of ice, allowing accurate measurements in all environmental conditions. 

In stead of the solar radiation measure, the sensor can be supplied with a raingauge which has a collector area of 127cm2.

The available measurement options, combined in one single, compact and lightweight instrument, produce all main variables of interest for automatic weather stations.  

Typical applications: automatic weather stations, environmental monitoring, sports facilities, marine and harbour applications, airports, renewable energy and building automation.

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